by KikooDX and Massena

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Disk Mayhem is a fun 2 players platformer fighter, where the last slicer alive wins.
Quickly chaotic, each of the six arenas will put your skills to the test in a different way.
Jump, slash and throw saws to the win.

Include :
- 5 original characters and a special guest
- 6 stages, one per character
- fun and deadly mechanics
- smooth and precise gameplay
- hand-made cute pixel art

Throw disks with your action key and deflect them using your slash.

Please leave a comment about what you did and didn't like in the game, we value all the feedback we can get :)

We strongly recommand playing with two controllers. Plug them in before starting the game.
Player one : WASD/ZQSD + GVCF + Enter + Escape
Player two: IJKL + Rctrl + Rshift/left arrow
Everyone have 8 lifes, unlimited munitions and can slash for dodging disk.

Alone? Covid sucks? You can try playing this game with Parsec.

This game was made by KikooDX and Massena, aka the "owo team".

Created for the Disc Room game jam. The 'k' is here to trigger you.


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Is there no fullscreen?


these controls suck ass bro

Thanks for this helpful review ! (:

Yes they do, I wish they were better but this is a messy jam game. You can edit the configuration files yourself if you feel like it.

I cant choose character on second player???


Are you playing alone or with a second player ? (it’s better to play with a friend and with controllers). You can select the P2 character with IJKL, confirm with Rctrl and unselect with Rshiftf

The controls are now very easy to use, but there were made for be played on a single laptop keyboard…

Hope it will help you !

I don't have Rctrl and i play on keyboard...

Damn I’m sorry, I didn’t know the controls would be such a big problem >_< I finished making an external configuration file for controls yesterday, it will fix most of these problems. Please wait until the jam judgement is over and we will publish the update, we can’t do it before then. Thank you!

OK. Thank you!

the controls is not intuitive

I’m working on a simple solution, will take a few days. Nothing groundbreaking but it should solve that kind of “problem”.

Ok good luck in your project

why I can't invitation my friend and
how I can??


Hello, The game cannot be played online (except with Parsec).

Trying to play on Ubuntu, using
`love Disk\`


conf.lua:4: attempt to index field 'audio' (a nil value)

(2 edits)

Thank you for the report, I fixed the issue but I don’t know if I’m allowed to upload a new version of the game since the jam is over. I will wait for jam results before uploading anything. Here is how to fix the bug by yourself:

mkdir 'Disk Mayhem'
unzip 'Disk' -d 'Disk Mayhem'
cd 'Disk Mayhem'
nano conf.lua

Remove the = false line (line 4), then save the changes (Ctrl+S) and exit nano (Ctrl+X). You can now run love . in the 'Disk Mayhem' folder and the game should start properly. If you have any similar conf.lua related error, repeat the process for the signaled line. Hope it helps, have a nice day :)

Maybe it's just me, but I cannot play this. The controls (keyboard and gamepad) are wrong/bugged and I cannot find a way to change them

Sorry to hear that, can you give us more informations such as keyboard layout, controller type, operating system etc.? Thanks :) Due to the fact than this is a jam game it won’t have keyboard/controller remapping, but we will fix what doesn’t work.

Windows 10, a razer ornata chroma (spanish layout) and the controller is a ps2-usb controller and a Krom Key


Thank you I will look into it, I’ll reply to your comment a second time when it will be fixed. I don’t know for the controller but I can surely do something for the keyboard.


I love the design of the characters and the overall pixel art (I'm biased to pixel art). The game reminds me of the Megaman arcade fighting game. Would love to play this with another player.


Haha, I like how both I and your team thought "what if Disc Room, but with 2 players?" Are you planning on adding online multiplayer?

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Haha funny in deed, when I saw the jam I immediatly wanted to make it multiplayer.
I never worked on networking before, so I’m interrested in the challenge :) I may try to do it in the near future, we’ll see!
I will check out your game too, I’m interrested to see your “Two Players Disk Room” ;)


Checked out as much as I could with singleplayer. Pretty solid game! This game would look great on switch!

lol, a friend said that to us yesterday x) Thanks a lot for your review ! Happy to see you liked it ^^


That' s a cool game!
The graphics are very well done, we can see that there has been some effort on it. The maps are beautiful and varied, each with its own particularities.
The characters are good, I would have liked to have a diversity in their actions. Like advantages depending on the character but it surely implies more time for development and balancing.

The gameplay is fast and quite easy to handle. The moves are precise and fluid, which is important for a game of this style. However, the keyboard keys are not very well arranged. I advise you to use controllers.

In conclusion, this game is really fun and pleasant to play! I like it very much! Well done!

Thanks a lot ! We didn’t added diversity because it was a lot of work and it could create disadvantages between players.

Happy to see you like it ! ^^